Thursday, April 24, 2014

Archer Braid Trail is Growing

If you haven't ventured down Tower Road recently you might not be aware that ABT is coming.

Archer Braid Trail at Haile Plantation

Archer Braid Trail at Haile Plantation

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Archer Braid Trail makes Haile Village more accessible

Getting to Haile Village is a three mile ride mostly on the paved path winding its way through the Plantation’s neighborhoods and I do it boldly, despite the warn sign telling me the path is a benefit for residents and guests, only. I figure the Farmers’ Market in the Village is an open invitation.

When the current extension to Archer Braid Trail is completed access to the Village will be dramatically easier as will the ride to Archer. Memorial Park will be a fine alternative to using the YMCA parking area on Archer Road and the new section will add an additional couple of miles.
ABT through Haile
Haile meets ABT

Ninety-first Terrace is the Main Street of the Village; it’s where the Market appears on Saturdays and where much of the Village’s other “content” is located. With improved access provided by ABT it makes the eateries located there much more convenient destinations for anyone wanting to venture out on a bike. It’ll be possible to ride to Haile, indulge in snacks, a meal or just dessert and work some of the calories off getting back to the Park.
Haile Village may not be specifically bicycle friendly, but traffic is seldom a problem, amenities are easily accessible and there are widely spaced racks and abundant flyparking options. After the Market the most relevant amenity I might consider using me is dining, though it’s been a long time since I have availed myself of the opportunities.
Recumbent in Haile Village Walking and riding in Haile Village.

Haile Village Bistro
is a starting point for many Gainesville Cycling Club (GCC) rides so you can assume they are friendly or tolerant of bicycle riders. They’re open daily at 0700 offering light breakfast and complete lunch and dinner entrees until 11pm weekdays and 1AM on Saturday and Sunday. Their menu runs from deli sandwiches to Middle Eastern inspired Kabobs. English Pub food is also on the menu, but in my opinion it should only be ordered in the attached Queen’s Arms Pub; Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie and Bangers and Mash have always been very good. Fish and Chips’ll cost you $12 and will be worth the price.
Queen's Arms Pub
Queen's Arms Pub

Haile Village Bistro
Haile Village Bistro
There is a rack across the street from the Pub and a wrought iron fence around the outdoor seating of the Bistro. Neither is the ideal way to accommodate bikes, but both serve the purpose and unless the weather is oppressively hot or unpleasantly cool, outdoor seating is a good thing.

Sisters is no longer open for dining. It is catering only. Alas.

patticakes is a confection destination but not nearly as bicycle friendly as it oughta be. With an abundance of carbohydrates available it’s a great place to indulge in extremes. Haven’t visited since soon after they opened so I’ve no idea how much a designer cupcake goes for. I do recollect that whatever I paid was justified by the taste.
Only flyparking is available using various trees and signs, but this is less than ideal.

Cacciatore is an oddity. It’s a catering company that makes pizza and other typical pizzeria fare from 5pm to 9 mp on Thursdays and Fridays. Its prices are competitive and reviews suggest they make good stuff. It fits outside the general idea of bicycle friendly. Maybe I’ll stop by for a piece some evening and have more to say about it. I'll even add a picture when i do.

Limerock Road used to be something else and it was something else when I ate there. Billed as “the Neighborhood Grill you’ve been searching for” it may be just hat, preposition notwithstanding. Like any good Neighborhood Grill in the Home of the gators, it offers Happy Hour whenever the Gators play. It’s not clear whether that is just football or includes lacrosse, softball, basketball, et cetera. The lunch menu shows a host of handheld Grill-type options for lunch and more worldly items for dinner. Lunch will cost about $10 and for dinner you’ll need more than $10 and less than $20 for a meal.
Limerock Road
Limerock has an adequate bike rack and there are numerous flyparking options should the rack be full.

South Garden and Limerock Road are in the same nook at the North end of the Village. South Garden offers typical items at competitive prices. As with Cacciatore, I’ll ride by some afternoon and taste what they offer. They’re open Tuesday through Friday for lunch (11am – 2pm) and dinner (5pm – 8:30pm) and for dinner only; Monday, Saturday and Sunday (5pm – 8:30pm).
Spring Garden
Adequate flyparking is available and Limerock’s rack is nearby.

With parking available at Memorial Park, ABT should become more heavily used than it is already and the possibility of a stop in Haile Village makes it even more appealing.

Monday, April 14, 2014


What do you do with a bucketful of 4 inch C Clamps?

What do you do with a bucketful of 4 inch C Clamps?

Clamps and fencing.
Clamp 'em!

Consider options.
Clamp more than one

Add stuff.
Put stuff

Give her a Cat Walk.
Add Cat Walk