Monday, April 2, 2012

Are you following me?

I have been using the Burley Travoy long enough to have opinions.

The Travoy does exactly what it is supposed to do. It has allowed me to purchase and transport a week's worth of groceries without incident. My presence moving along the aisles does not seem to cause obvious disruption or consternation and I am learning how to gather items so they can be bagged most conveniently for the return trip.

One of the motivating factors in buying the Travoy was the inconvenience of strapping a bicycle rack to my bike when I rented a car. It was obvious that some things cannot be slipped into panniers and if I intended to continue this two-wheeled existence I needed a solution. Only the Travoy offered a high enough level of convenience and efficiency. I imagined putting the rack on a trailer and eliminating the inconvenience. What I imagined did not even come close to the ease by which the Travoy accepted and carried the rack.

Twenty-four miles of Gainesville's streets reaffirmed what I already believed. The Travoy is cool. The bike rack fits perfectly and is easily held in place with three bungee cords. When I picked-up the car on Friday the Travoy quickly and easily folded compactly enough to fit perfectly behind the car's front seat. Low pressure tires provide the right level of rebound over bumps and roll easily enough to make little difference in pedaling effort. Only the occasional click from the hitch gives real evidence of the trailer behind. Only the weight limit (sixty pounds) and imagination create parameters that can't be exceeded. Beyond that, if it fits I can probably carry it . . .  them . . . all of them.

A short transit on a dirt path through a stretch of woods takes me from my complex to another paved street when I go grocery shopping. Too and from are handled with equal ease. The trailer is no wider than my handlebars so it is easy enough to determine whether a passage is wide enough. As with city street bumps, the low pressure tires handle off-road competently.

It's not built for touring and that was never my intention. Burley promotes it as a tool for commuters and it fits that role perfectly. All I can wonder about now is its durability. A few thousand miles from now I will have an answer to that question.

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