Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When is it actually special?

Big day at my FNBS; new wheel, chain, brakes, pedals. This happens with more than 6200 miles (since April, 2011) and seems like good timing. As usual Bikes and More completed the job in time for me to pick-up the bike and ride home. I have always appreciated the special treatment the people there provide, but stellar guy that I am it seemed reasonable that I should get special treatment. In a brief moment of clarity as I rode home, I understood that what I have felt was “special treatment” is actually “usual treatment.” They listen to everyone’s boring stories, chuckle at weak humor and tolerate questions with obvious answers. They treat everyone the same way. How quaint.

I printed cards to give to people with the blogs URL. It’ll be a lot harder to quit somewhere if I know people I know know, ya know? Guess I could do it for a cause instead of because I want to. Or because I can. There’s a sense of release to have the opportunity and the ability. Whether simultaneous merging or brief tangent, the result is the same . . . too damn cool.

Concerned about it being hot? Uh huh, but I ride in Florida’s heat daily. Start early and drink a lot. Take what the day and the terrain gives you. It matters little where I am or what is happening. It is all time well spent.

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