Monday, July 15, 2013

Where have I been? Why? Miss me?

Spent too many days enveloped in unrelenting purposelessness. At irregular intervals I recognize another uncomfortable inevitability of aging which always pushes me into a doldrums. Usually it's the consequence of finding something new I cannot do as well any more. It can also be related to having to accept that I lack the time for something I'd hoped to do. At these times is when the words form a song ring truest. "Everybody needs somebody, sometime." Thanks to somebody and a something for having helped pull me back from a self imposed brink.

The National Bike Challenge routinely motivates me to ride more than just to the grocery and back. Riding is always a good way to take time to contemplate and process, but, ofttimes, inertia must be overcome. The Gainesville Cycling Club maintains a substantial lead over other 1000+ teams currently logging miles. I manage to hang onto a place in the high 900s to mid-1000 of the 20000+ riders. As I mentioned in May the Challenge appeals to my competitive nature and I enjoy contributing to the team effort.

The Challenge continues through September.

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