Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Racks and Hard Places; The Archer Road Tour, Butler Plaza Part 3

Parking a bike securely on either side of Archer Road is difficult and I guess the number of customers lost because an establishment doesn't have secure bike parking is minimal. Maybe it doesn't matter now, but . . .

"Paying less than $3.00 per gallon for gasoline may be automotive history for most Americans, like using 8-track tapes or going to a drive-in movie," says Bob Darbelnet, CEO of AAA.

"The reality is that expensive gas is here to stay," he adds.

Despite this long-running price trend, many Americans still find the current prices painful. According to a consumer index from AAA, nearly half of adults consider $3 per gallon expensive, and well over half deemed $3.50 per gallon to be too high.

Americans do not idly complain about gas prices. Data show that as motorists spend more for fuel, they either alter their driving habits or make other lifestyle changes to offset the cost.

AAA: Gas Has Been Over $3 a Gallon for 1,000 Days and Counting, MoneyNews.com

The influence and presence of Butler Plaza begins at the Archer Road interchange of I-75 and, like it not, the future of bikes in this part of G'ville as influenced by Butler's intended expansion will help to mold what happens in the rest of "Bicycle Magazine's" 16th Bike-Friendly City.

Much like its competition across the street, McDonald's is a seriously busy place because of its prime location by the Interstate. Drive-through is accomplished by circumnavigating  the building. The sunstantial bike racks are located at the rear of the building next to the drive-through lanes. This makes them slightly more secure, though it would be foolish to bet on someone passing noticing or responding to a theft in process.
McDonald's, Archer Road
The rack is used regularly, presumably by employees. The rack is not easily visible from seating inside the store.
McDonald's, Archer Road

Arby's, Dairy Queen and Exxon
Across SW 40th Boulevard from McDonald's is the combination Arby's/Dairy Queen/Exxon. This, too, is a busy location because of the one-stop option. Bike accomodation is similar to McDonald's with a U rack mounted next to the Arby's drive-through.
Arby's/Dairy Queen and Exxon, Archer Road
The rack makes the convenience store unusual because most have only rudimentary flyparking.
Arby's/Dairy Queen/Exxon, Archer Road

Gainesville Ale House
If you intend to engage in pub crawling by bike you'll have to trust to luck for your bike's security. Many of the Butler/Archer Road watering holes have no, minimal or inadequate bike security. The Ale House is typical.
Gainesville Ale House, Archer Road

Pollo Tropical
Pollo Tropical is the result of restaurant resurrection, but unlike some of the new construction bike security accommodation is limited.
Pollo Tropical, Archer Road

Texas Roadhouse
The Roadhouse does not have its own bike rack, or even an abundance of flyparking, but you may be comfortable with the U racks near the RTS stop. They are out in the open but well out of your site inside the Roadhouse.
Texas Roadhouse, Archer Road

Pink Narcissus and Yogurtology
Maybe you won't be riding your bike to the stylish Pink Narcissus where you can indulge in Lilly Pilitzer designs, but, if you do you'll have a better place to secure your bike. Whether it was intentional or coincidental, this new construction provides better than usual security for bikes,. Much like Esplanade, racks are convenient, visible and sturdy.
Pink Narcissus, A Lilly Pulizer Signature Store, Archer Road
You might stop at Yogurtology which is located directly behind Pink Narcissus where a substantial U rack is conveniently placed. You can easily enjoy something cold and not be so concerned about your ride.
Yogurtology, Archer Road

The rack at Zaxby's is near the front door and can be seen from inside the building. It's relatively high level of security is similar to those of the establishements across the street; Willy's, Wendy's and Chick-fil-a. Visibility and accessibility matter.
Zaxby's, Archer Road

They deserve a mention solely because of the secondary use to which they have applied their bike rack.
AT&T, Archer Road

Panda Express
There's plenty of flyparking at the new Panda Express. Perhaps becasue the specialize in fast take-out they felt their fence would be sufficient for customers.
Panda Express, Archer Road
Out back, presumably for employees there's a sturdy U rack..
Panda Express, Archer Road

There are only metal benches here. <sigh>
Chili's, Archer Road

T. G. I. Friday's
Up front there's nothing but furniture.
T. G. I. Friday's, Archer Road
Out back and unsuited for customers is the hired-help rack.
T. G. I. Friday's, Archer Road

Olive Garden
Poles and signs offer limited security.
Olive Garden, Archer Road

Tijuana Flats
The only bike rack for the entire building housing numerous businesses is located outside the entrance to Tijuana Flats. It is convenient and sturdy, but hedges and bushes compromise sight lines.
Tijuana Flats, Archer Road

Taco Bell
There's adequate flyparking on the fence outside the entrance to Taco Bell, but no "official" place to secure your bike.
Taco Bell, Archer Road

An adequate rack inadequately placed, except for the hired help, perhaps.
Chuy's, Archer Road

Hidden behind a banner is the bike rack at Lowe's and located near the west end commercial entrance. It's a busy location, but the ever-present banner creates a visibility problem.
Lowe's, Archer Road

Regal Cinema
Over there, obscure by bushes is the rack at Regal Cinema. Out of the way. Out of sight. Used mostly after dark. Pretty much a losing proposition.
Regal Cinemas 14, Archer Road
The inevitable result if security is inadequate.
Regal Cinema 14, Archer Road

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