Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bikes, Coffee and Biscotti

I'm not a Vegan and I've never played one on TV, nor have I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

When I visit the Haile Farmers' Market I don't go with the intention of buying something from one of the several vendors offering Vegan products. I have my favorites and staples: Caprihaven Dairy Goats; Cypress Point Creamery; Tree City Coffee; Firefly Farm and Cross Creek Honey. Additionally, there's always a good chance that one of the local growers will have some appealing produce which can include Southern Peas, Romanesco, scallions, peppers, carrots and other things depending upon the season. Recently I've added another favorite; Sweet Thursdays Cafe, another cottage kitchen making something worth getting.
Sweet Thursdays cafe-Haile Farmers' Market

Sweet Thursdays Cafe, Haile Farmers' Market

Having something to add to a morning-break cup of coffee is pleasant and biscotti are frequently the perfect thing. Christy the owner and baker of Sweet Thurdays makes a damn good biscotto which is like a step back to childhood when you dunked everything . . . well . . . I did!

This week I chose two 2 packs of her Double Chocolate. Last week it was Cherry Chocolate. I have never cared much for hard bits of stuff in dunkable confections, so nuts, typical to many commercial biscottis, while acceptable, don't win full favor. I was pleased with Christy's offerings.
Sweet Thursdays' Biscottis and Tree City Coffee

Lest anyone question the relationship between Coffee and Bikes . . .
Do Bikes and Coffee go together? Duh!

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