Thursday, May 22, 2014

Being Memorialized

I’ve been remiss in keeping up with postings here while I resolved some of the questions raised when I was asked about aging in Gainesville. A moment of indignation turned into months of introspection because the concept of aging isn’t the same as the reality. Eventually, something of worth emerged and had been published in the May edition of "Senior Times" magazine. There’s a link to the digital version on their home page
 ( Free, analog versions of the magazine are widely available locally at Publix and other locations.

An editorial observation about the piece in Senior Times; the images are not mine. They are stock photos.
Watch for Cars!

Unrelated news is the 2014 version of the National Bike Challenge, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. From May through September individuals record their daily mileage. Affiliation with bike clubs, workplace and community is recorded and, especially with bike clubs, competition becomes fierce. Gainesville Cycling Club buried all competition last year and is maintaining a firm grip on first place.

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