Friday, June 27, 2014

Archer Braid Trail through Haile update

"Sometime in July" is still the anticipated completion of  Archer Braid Trail's extension through Haile Plantation. Construction was hindered by problems with "drainage and clay" but is moving more smoothly now. Only one native has been restless during the construction assuring the workers each morning as she drives by that they are Number One. This is in dramatic contrast to the brouhaha which accompanied ABT's planning stages.

Construction of the section of the Trail paralleling Tower Road is unlikely to be completed "sometime in July" but there is increasing evidence of preliminary engineering work being done with the appearance of stakes identifying the location of the Trail as it passes Kanapaha Park.

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  1. Many years ago, last century, in the 1990's I believe, the HOA sent out a survey polling residents regarding the construction of a trail where the ABT is now. I was against it as I did not want to pay for a trail with a special assessment of more fees. But in the 21st century and FEDeral transportation monies are warmly accepted by me to pay for a trail through HP. The ditch was unexpected but the grass hides it and the path is wider then it appears from the road at least to me. I think it is a great idea and I hope the HOA stops mowing that area thus saving us money and spends it on the neighborhood landscaping which needs replacing or refreshing especially in Founders Hill. Wild flowers can be sown along the roadway to add color and character not a constant team of mowers polluting the air.