Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Đại úy Chuck and the NCOIC, Part 2

The Đại úy  is unaccustomed to self-supported touring. Generally, when he rides 500 miles in a week’s time he only has to be concerned about pedaling, water and energy bars. For our 500+ miles it’s about taking whatever you think you’ll need, plus planning where to spend each night.

The other thing Đại úy’s used to is the shirts he gets for participating. He wears them proudly, like the ones from RAGBRAI. Knowing this, I figured I needed to find a way for him to get a shirt for this ride, so I called Aero Tech Designs, a company making bike wearables in Pittsburgh. I spoke to Jordan, their Marketing Manager (and Pro Rider), and explained that a couple of old Vets were gonna ride the GAP and C&O and since I wore some of their stuff was there any chance of getting a shirt for Đại úy  . . . okay, for me too!

Fast-forward to this morning when the FedEx guy tapped on my door bearing a large box. Yeah, Aero Tech wouldn’t mind at all doing something for a couple of old guys—Vets—who ride bikes. Get some pictures. Say some nice stuff. And thanks for serving your country.

Đại úy’ll have some shirts and so will I and we’ll make Aero Tech proud. Nice arrangement.

Getting Ready for GAP and C&O

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