Saturday, January 5, 2013

Duh Moments and Brief Pettiness

With age comes the ability to add to life’s “duh moments”  and I have managed to create and collect an abundant supply. Rather than deny them it is helpful to reflect and review increasing the possibility of not repeating and replicating any. Some of my favorite and recent ones are listed below.

“What do they need your MOS (military occupation specialty) in Vietnam for?” That’s what the recruiter said when I inquired as a callow nineteen year old in October of 1965. By July of 1966 I knew well what the need was and what the likelihood was of returning. One bit of justice and perhaps a duh moment for the recruiter was his receipt of orders to Vietnam soon after I returned Stateside in July of ’67. How fortunate was he to get to be there in time for the Tet Offensive launched on January 30, 1968? Anyone curious about that time should read Nelson DeMille’s outstanding novel Up Country, a detective novel which touches dramatically on his experience with the 1st Cavalry Divison (Airmobile).

Why would I expect someone proud of never having to pay for unemployment to treat me differently from anyone else? “Duh” on me for thinking that her statement “Do what you need to do” was encouragement rather than a challenge.

OK . . . maybe I am being petty . . . Nah!

I had a duh moment while cycling today and that stirred thoughts about other moments when I should have known better or anticipated the result. The above have little to do directly with cycling, but the following comment about Messenger Mirror does. Thanks for bearing with my tangents.

I have used Messenger Mirror exclusively when riding my Touring bike and I do so because the little thing works. My single criticism was that it vibrated significantly on rough roads. Still, I observed, that did not prevent me from knowing something was behind me, only that I could not determine the make and model of what was following.

On my ride this summer I had less vibration, even on South Carolina’s sometimes corduroy-like roads, because the way I wore my helmet caused the metal arm to touch its underside. This contact point reduced the vibration significantly. Back home, where I frequently ride the Touring bike sans helmet in open defiance of common sense, the vibration returned. Apparently I was also wearing my helmet differently. I didn’t make the obvious connection until I was adjusting the Messenger Mirror’s positioning on my Opticnerve sunglasses. Now I have no criticism. Helmeted or not MM works just fine! Below is an image of my current use of this neat thing.

I also have failed to include enough comments about Aero Tech Designs, a maker of bicycle clothing and accessories. Located in Coraopolis, PA, their stuff is American made and fully competitive in price and quality with any brand of cycling gear. Before my summer tour I purchase three of their Tech Cargo Short - Padded for Bicycling, two in black and one in charcoal. The fit is fine. They are comfortable and utilitarian, allowing me to enter convenience stores without attracting stares and even to go into restaurants and look almost like other customers. The padding in the tight undergarment is more than adequate.

I also acquired a set of Aero Tech’s Stretch Fleece, Double Layer Knee, Leg Warmers because sometimes it actually gets cold in this part of Florida. Since many days start in the 40s then warm into the 60s and 70s, tights seemed like overkill. I prefer wearing shorts as often as possible and leg warmers looked like a viable option even if I choose to wear ordinary shorts when I am commuting or just going to the grocery store.

Standing six feet four inches I figured I needed to order XL Tall which have a non-stretch length of 32 ¾ inches. My inseam is a bit longer than that. After getting and using them I guess I could have managed with L Tall, but the length is not at all a negative as I like the way the length allows the warmers to fit. As far as cold functionality, they are ideal. I cannot imagine it getting cold enough here (20s, being the usual lowest temperatures and then only for a matter of a few days) to warrant wearing anything else. They fit well enough and tight enough to work under jeans without causing constriction and bunching.

Another of the products like Messenger Mirror that just do what they are supposed to do. Both Messenger Mirror and Aero Tech’s clothing are worth having and using.

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