Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Honor and Betrayal

I spent weeks contemplating my bike tour then more time preparing. Among the things that made preparation pleasant was the support of people who knew me personally and people with whom and for whom I worked. The general manager’s expressions of concern for my safety included good natured cautions that I was not permitted to die on the bumper of a pickup truck because I was expected to return and help continue the efforts to grow the business of my employer.

Over the years I developed an understanding of the business and the marketplace and became good at talking to customers and prospective customers. Returning to market the company’s products was appealing, but returning to typical daily responsibilities was satisfactory.

Now, after months of delays and excuses by the company, I am faced with appealing my denial of unemployment compensation because the general manager claims that I retired. After a half century of working entering retirement would be appealing except for the economic reality that I cannot afford to be without gainful employment. Perhaps I should have anticipated this because of the general manager’s boasts that the company had never had to pay for unemployment.

I accept people at face value and presume that my honorable efforts will not be confronted by deceit and deception. It’s just another lesson learned. We can define honor anyway we choose, but like right and wrong, honor has an intrinsic meaning. Some people have it and live it. Others do not and perhaps never will.


  1. Stick your feet in. The fact that they can admit that they never had to pay unemployment will be the one aspect that will trip them up. Everyone employing anyone (unless as a contractor) has to contribute to unemployment. Secondly where is your proof of retiremnt ( letter of resignation)?I imagine it does not exist because you never retired. Right?

  2. I should have been more specific in my statement, saying, instead, that no one had ever successfully sought and received unemployment payments. Your observation is at the root of the puzzle and creates both "Huh?" and "Duh!" moments.

    It's all just another of life's twists and turns. We all must strive to keep a positive perspective in light of things like the events in Connecticut, Sandy's wrath, the tragedy in India and the continuing exposure of our young men and women to hostile forces.