Sunday, April 21, 2013

And There It Was!

West, Archer Road Bike Path at SW 143rd
West, SW 143rd at Archer Road
Weeks ago, coming back from Cedar Key, I saw the beginings of the bike path from Archer to SW 91st Street. I'd not ridden that way since so when I did a Parker Road loop and crossed Archer Road I was . . . stunned. It's actually going to happen!
Currently a significant portion of the path is tarred sand while the rest is just hardpacked sand, but it's quite rideable where you don't have to compete with the ongoing construction. Many of the chip seal roads common to the area are not as smooth as most of the already existing path. According to one of the construction workers they are aiming for completion in about 30 day.

West, Archer Road Bike Path at SW 143rd
East, SW 143rd at Archer Road

I have never felt in great danger using the bike lane on Archer Road and there is nothing but contrast between it and the miles of South Carolina roads I traveled last August. Still, the convenience and safety provided by a dedicated bike trail is a wonderful thing.

Construction Continues on Archer Road Bike Path
Construction Continues

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