Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 7, Yemassee, SC to Moncks Corner, SC – 75.1 miles, average speed 12.1 mph. Total miles, 557.2

I struggle to come up with anything positive to say about today’s ride not because there wasn’t anything positive, but because there was one overwhelming negative; terrible roads. I may be partly to blame because I chose to divert fro the Adventure Cycling route I the hope of reducing mileage significantly. Their route would have had me on secondary and tertiary roads typical of those I traveled yesterday, so I opted to follow US 17 Alternate to Moncks Corner.

I can’t adequately explain how terrible most of the 70+ miles were. Narrow roads with no shoulders. Shoulders that were incredibly rough. Miles of grooved roadway waiting to be paved. Heat. Heavy traffic. Basically the worst possible conditions short of a blinding rain storm.

And the positives? Summerville was attractive.. A carload of young people stopped at a light next to me wanted to know how fast, how far and why. Hardees biscuits for breakfast.

This whole journey is a challenge and challenges aren’t supposed to be easy, are they?

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