Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day Five; Odum to Statesboro, GA - 75.53 miles, average speed 11.7 mph

It was a restless night in the Odum Recreation Area. The restlessness was increased when I awoke and discovered a screw had fallen out of the bottom mount of my rear rack. Paul at Bikes and More had recommended I carry one of every kind of screw, but the one I did not have was a 40cm one. A couple to twist ties worked to hold the rack in place and that seemed an adequate solution. I anticipated that I could try a NAPA or similar major auto parts store for a replacement.

As I was assembling my gear two guys arrived with their smokers for the "to do" I had heard about the previous evening. I soon learned that it was a family reunion and the number of pieces of chicken and ribs, along with some pig's feet being prepared for someone special suggested that this was a significant to do.

I was late leaving because of the screw issue and did not get on the way until almost 830. After not too many miles I realized I was miserable because I was dirty, smelly and worn out. Less than 20 miles into the day I decided I would aim for Reidsville as a stopping point ans take refuge in a motel again.

Like yesterday the ride was abundantly boring. Cotton fields and cattle.Small settlements. No hardware or auto parts stores. There was rain and threats of rain and an hour of light drizzle. Then . . . the "city" or Reidsville lacked anything city-like. I was told there was a "small motel" that I probably missed and a B & B that I already knew cost close to $100 per night. Pausing to eat a Larabar and drink some water I decided to set off for Statesboro, another 30 or so miles.

And then it rained! Usually I just ride, but it rained so hard. One of those storms where you have to hold your breath for fear of drowning if you inhale. I found a church with a breezeway and hid!

Thank goodness for The Lighthouse!

The ride was not as difficult as I anticipated. The final miles were more uphill than I liked. As I reached Statesboro a guy caught up with me. When I stopped at a convenience store to ask directions he asked whether I was doing the East Coast Adventure Cycling route. We chatted and I learned where to go for a motel and food. After leading me to the right road he went his way and I crashed at a HoJo.

Tomorrow? 80 ore miles? Probably

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  1. Keep plodding... the rain has gone.. it is a beautiful day here... sunny and very much cooler. You can do this.