Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day Three; Ft. Clinch State Park to Folkston, GA - 88 miles

The biggest problems? Me not knowing how to prepare my gear for camping. I can figure it out. Next? Wet tent and the wet black sand. Argh! Took much longer than I wanted to get going and when I did it began raining(0740). I debated stopping to put on my rain cape, bit decided that I was going to be wet from the inside or the outside so how much did it matter. An hour later when I stopped in Yulee to eat I was no wetter than when I stopped in Palatka.

There was this Kodak moment on the way from Ft. Clinch to Yulee on A1A crossing one of the bayous.

 Whether this swing bridge still functions I do not know, but the tracks looked to be in repair. Nonetheless, it was a neat thing to see.

Mostly, the ride was uninteresting. Miles of featureless roads and a 12 mile mistake when I went 6 miles past a turn. Had already decided that I would do a motel in Folkston rather than a campground, so the additional 12 miles were tacked onto my efforts to get there.

When I made the mistake I am sure I was bitching to myself about endless headwinds. The headwind became a tailwind when I recovered so it helped to mellow my mood.

As I have observed before, I cannot carry too much water. As the end of a day approaches water is one of the things keeping me going. The Camelbak bottle I got at Bikes and More (bearing their logo for only $9.99) is worth every cent. Its insulating qualities are remarkable for something so light.

Another observation or revelation; I have never done anything so difficult, yet, much of the time I am smiling. I am sunburned, but not painfully, thanks to Neutrogena Sunscreen. I am able to remain hydrated thanks to Kangaroo in Florida and whatever comes along in Georgia.

I think I am going to do this thing!

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  1. Glad you hear you are faring fairly well.. let me know if I can get a go bag/snack box together for you and mail to a destination somewhere down the road...... Happy travels.