Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day Two; St. Augustine to Ft, Clinch State Park - ,66 miles

Left the Pirate Haus early (0635) hoping to avoid some of the heat. Neither arriving at nor departing The Haus was easy because of the steed stairs leading up to the accommodations. For the price, the Haus is ideal. For a loaded touring bike it is less than ideal. The ambiance was appealing and fortunately the two kids who were there with mom were delightfully mannered.

Anticipated getting breakfast somewhere along A1A, but discovered that there is nothing but miles of vacation and luxury housing. The Adventure Cycling route does show off Ponte Vedra in its best light if you want to see million dollar homes, Porsches and families with multiple Mercedes. They are courteous to bikers, too.

Made good time, but it still got damn hot. Drank all my water before reaching a McDonald’s in Jacksonville Beach. Refilled bottles with store brand water at a Kangaroo and drank a bottle of Gatorade. Guess I believe the commercials.

The route (A1A) crosses the St. Johns River at Mayport. It was a brief and pleasant trip made more interesting my two Italian families who visit Florida annually and tour widely. I seemed to be as fascinating to them.

Arrived at Ft. Clinch State Park ad was able to get a camp site among the RVs for less than $17 because I am an aged resident. I cannot say anything about people who spend money on mega-RVs so they can sit next to them and shoo mosquitoes considering my obsession with cycling. Less money. Just as weird.

Made my first meal using the MSR burner. The Navy Bean soup tasted wonderful despite being slightly undercooked and burning of some of to the bottom of the titanium pot. Shower room was spiffy clean.. Kids were moderately bothersome but quiet long before I went to sleep. The real downside was being in and RV area. The area was not the best for a tent and I would have done better in the tent area. Heavy rain after the tent was up made the ground very ugly and the black sand stuck to everything. I did manage to wash cycling shorts. Slept fitfully and awoke very stiff.

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