Sunday, November 24, 2013

Avid, Fashionable and Gender Indifferent

Recently I've read several bicycle related articles dealing with "issues" related to riding bikes. They are; defining who is an "avid" bike rider, "fashionable cyclist shaming" and how to get more women to ride bikes. An avid cyclist is someone with a great interest in bikes, a rider should wear what he or she chooses and everybody should ride bikes. <shrug> I don't see the conflict. Apparently, others do.

Why mention this now? Because I witnessed a convergence of all three of these issues in an unusual context; the 6th Annual All Florida Bike Polo Championships that happened at Kanapaha Veterans Park on the roller hockey rink. Four on four competition was intense and testy, fast and exciting and well worth the price of admission which was nonexistent.

For now, a few pictures will suffice to turn the above words into tens of thousands because seeing is the only way to fully understand the grassroots passion of the avid and fashionable women (and men) who thrashed, bashed, swung, slipped, won, lost, and had a helluva a time. It wasn't about who had the right bike, correct attire or whether a team was comprised of men, women or something else. It was handlebars, pedals, spokes, tires . . . all the truly good stuff.

If you have any interest come on back occasionally 'cause I'll add links to larger images and post some more, also.

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