Sunday, November 10, 2013

Picture This and This and . . .

If you take enough pictures eventually you get one that's okay or maybe even a little better than okay. I like the ones below and have turned them into 1366 x 768 JPGs and use them as backgrounds and screensavers. The images below are PNGs of those images.

Only the second picture was not taken at Kanapaha Botanical Garden which is a short ride from home.

Clicking the images will open the larger, wallpaper-size image.

And Green 00

The Flowering Teas on my back porch have these tiny, fragant flowers and beautiful shiny green leaves. The flowers choose their own schedule for blooming and do so, off and on, all year round.
And Green 01

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens has  Florida's largest public collection of bamboo species.
Bamboo 00

Below 00

Below 01

Green 00

Green 01

Funny how this misplaced anchor seems quite at home here.
Misplaced 00

Rose 00

Most people think of Florida as a place of sun, sand and salt water, but to many who live here The Real Florida is something quiite different.
The Real Florida 00

Water We Doing? 00

In 1996, the Zebra Longwing (Heliconius charitonius) was named as Florida's Official Butterfly,
Working Is Living 00

Working Is Living 01

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