Monday, November 4, 2013

When Do Reminders Become Memories?

"The Real Florida" is a term I hear often and, as with subjectivity, it means many things. For me it's a fascination with how people have dealt with natural Florida; it's flora, fauna and climate. There are many things nearby that speak of the way it "use ta be" and when I see them I take a picture. It might be part of my personal yearning for what "use ta be" when life was a little simpler, though, I guess assinations and wars labeled as conflicts aren't so simple.

A year ago I photographed an abandoned building, one that's familiar to anyone doing a lot of secondary and tertiary road riding. It had the look of a tobacco drying barn, but could have been used for something else. I'm neither a farmer nor a native so I don't know anything more about it than was captured in the images below.

A view of the past . . .
Photographed November 29, 2012
Obvious and familiar to anyone traveling near archer on SW 143rd.

A view of the past . . . going
Photographed May 20, 2013
The passing a local landmark.

A view of the past . . . gone
Photographed October 31, 2013
A reminder becoming a memory.

If you happen to be into old buildings and want a better image let me know.

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