Saturday, November 2, 2013

More Things Seen While Riding

After a hiatus of a few weeks . . .

A recent addition to the ABT Trailhead kiosk is a small anouncement. Everyone using ABT should give support and thanks to the  4H Archer Trailblazers who are adding Litter Pickup to their community serivce project list.
4H, Archer Trailblazers to pick-up litter!
Click picture to see larger image of 4H sign.

Ever wonder what the railroad equivalent of a ground crew is? Looks like it's this Flail Mower that relies on chain flails on the business end of its boom to beat grass and brush into submission.
Railroad Flail Mower ready to . . . flail and nothing is flail safe.

With Trek entering the transport bike market with its longtail Transport there may be more human powered, urban utility vehicles around soon. Some people have already invested in cargo bikes. This bakfiet (Box Bike) from Clever Cycles ( is dressed in the right seasonal color.
Bakfiet in Gator and Halloween color

Bikes are much more than just recreational vehicles. Anyone who makes an effort to replace automobile mileage with time aboard a bicycle does as much for the world as for his or her physical condition.

Few real hills, good weather . . . Go ahead, bike my day.

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