Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beer, Herbs and Cheese

Went to Publix this morning to get beer and cash-back so I could buy things at Haile Village Farmers' Market. After several week's absence an acquantance of mine was back showing his handmade wares. After bringing each other up to date we admired each other's trailers. He carries his table and wares to Haile and to the Wednesday evening Downtown Market with a Burley Travoy. He is a native of Mexico so I pointed out to him that I was carrying a 12 pack of Mexican beer. He approved of my cargo.

When I drove I used to visit the Farmers' Market on 441. Now, maybe I am lazy, because I do not ride the 12+ miles opting, instead, to use the much closer Haile Village event. Some of the vendors do both places, so I convince myself that I am not missing anything. In fact, I might have missed the couple Travoy; Saturday Morning Shoppingfrom whom I have been purchasing herbs and other growing things to plant in my small garden. I know they are good people because he likes bikes, she likes to grow things and they both like "The 13th Warrior." What more could you expect of strangers? More importantly, they have nice herbs and a great manner about them.

One of the vendors who does both Markets is the couple making "Raw Milk Farmstead Cheese." Growing up in an area with a large Pennsylvanina Dutch (Amish and Mennonite) population meant being exposed to what would now be called "artisan cheese." Back in the 60s and 70 that term was not used. We just called it cheese. What this couple is making near Hawthorne is damn nice.

It was a fruitful (or beer-ful, herb-ful and cheese-ful) Saturday morning made pleasantly possible by my Schwinn and Burley Travoy. I understand that most people cannot relate to living without driving and if I lived anywhere else life might be different for me. But I don't and it isn't. Geography and climate make it possible. Good equipment makes it easier.

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