Monday, May 6, 2013

The Archer Braid Trail . . . Almost Here

As the Archer Braid Trail nears completion its personality develops. Approaching Archer will be a rider's delight as the trail rolls smoothly through the shaded woods. 


Grassy berms have been installed and, weather permitting paving of the entire length could be complete by Friday. Access at the Archer Trailhead, where eventually there will be a parking area, lags behind the rest of the path because of installation or new water lines for the city.

Seeding beyond the berm and covering with straw will be completed just before paving commences.


  1. I have ridden the trail several times from 91st to Archer. Even without final paving it is navigable in anything but a narrow tire road bike. As my latest posting says, it's disappointing that it wasn't completed on Friday, but it is very close.

  2. Nice ride, once you do it a half dozen times it becomes easy.