Thursday, May 30, 2013

Everyday Is A Fine Day To Ride

Love to ride. My common response when people observe on a sunny day that it's "a nice day for a ride" is to say that everyday is a nice day to ride. Few things, maybe nothing else, offer the same sense of freedom.

Yesterday, after getting my wheels trued at Bikes and More I rode to Lacrosse to check on the distance to the farm of acquaintances. It was a fine day; sunny, puffy cumulus clouds and a high pressure breeze from the southeast. As I rode north on State Route 231 I was reminded of the roads of South Carolina where I had to share the road with drivers because there was no shoulder and much like in SC I kept close to the road's edge and drivers gave me plenty of room. In marked contrast, both State Roads 235 and 121 offered wide shoulders for the return trip. On the negative side, once I turned off of 235 onto 121, the former pleasant breeze was in my face. <sigh> I was reminded by this hot ride of one of the essential elements of riding in Florida once the heat arrives. It is hard to hydrate too much.

Today, I was unable to resist a short trip along the fully paved Archer Braid Trail. Never felt intimidated by riding the shoulder of Archer Road (State Route 24), but the constant traffic conflicted with the usual sense of freedom. Turning south onto SW 122nd or finally getting to the convenience store in Archer was always a relief. Now, though, it's a different experience where you can be an observer of drivers not a participant in their world.

Today there were more walkers than riders, especially in the wooded section approaching Archer, and it was fine day for riding or walking.
Trail Head; Archer Braid Trail
The Trail is now complete except for minor matters at the Trail Head in Archer.

Archer Braid Trail markings at intersectionsYield signs and "HWAY XING" markings have appeared at all significant intersections suggesting that the county has taken control of the path.

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