Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keeping Green and Clean

I didn't liked getting haircuts as a kid. Didn't like that older people insisted on notcing that I'd gotten "my ears lowered." (What's that about?!) I tolerated it and them because there was no choice. Years later, whether I had short or very long hair, one element of those '50s haircuts remained; Bay Rum. Originally distilled from Rum and bay leaves in the Caribbean, it was (and is) a fine aroma and one I love. I was pleased whenever I discovered a source other than small town barbershops. Now, in the '10s I can indulge in that positive part of the otherwise unpleasant childhood experience.

When I met Monica at a local farmers' market and asked about Bay Rum soap, something I occasionally found in such places, she said she'd investigate and maybe could add it to her products. A few months later she told in an email message that it was now available. Since then it has been my soap of choice. I had a too long hiatus from it during the months of monetary readjustment, but a few days ago stopped by Monica Soapmaker at Kate's Fish Camp and resupplied with several bars of her excellent product.

It was good to see water in the creek again which makes the Fish Camp name more applicable than it has been for several years. It's hard to have a fish camp where the only way for fish to move to and from Newnan's Lake is by walking. Monica's soap is available in numerous locations locally and their line of products has expanded. I prefer to stop by and chat when I am riding the Hawthorne Trail. All of Monica's products are also available from the website:

Monica's Cococastile Soap

Made with olive and coconut oils and lots of real-folk care and concern, it's a damn good product made by people well-worth supporting in their efforts.

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