Friday, May 24, 2013

Some Miscellaneous Stuff

Replaced the cassette on the Safari yesterday. It hadn't reached the point where it was a necessity, but would have needed it with the next chain replacement. Before I set off last August I discussed with the people at FNBS (Bikes and More) the possible need for a lower bottom gear than was provided by the original Shimano Alivio 11-32 since I intended to ride hills far steeper than anything here in north central Florida. Consensus was that the 11-32 would be adequate. It was, but, the lingering gearhead mentality urged me to take the plunge. I chose to invest in a Deore upgrade and a lower gear justifying it as a worthwhile investment.

Monday was one of those days where I felt a compulsion to ride. I set-off on one of my usual circuits and made the 50 miles in four mostly leisurely hours. As I approached Micanopy I felt the same urges so typical of longish rides; I wanted some Gatorade! Arrived at Pearl and discovered I'd left my wallet at home. There was no lack of water aboard the bike, so hydration was not an issue and I had several Larabars to take care of carb needs, but sometimes a cold drink feels so damn good!

With the near completion of the Archer to 91st Street section of the Archer Braid Trail I saw many more riders on Monday. (Guess that means it's no longer my personal/private ride.) No longer do we have to contend with heavy driver volume on any GCC rides going to or through Archer. Nice!

Being able to start at the Tower Road Publix and access the Trail after a short transit passing Barnie's then using the already existing trail on the south side of Archer Road makes the trip to Archer safe and pleasant.

May people are uncomfortable with using the Bike Lane west of I-75 on Archer Road, but I ride it often and have never had a serious incident. Of greater concern is the stretch from 34th to I-75 where I use the sidewalk instead of riding in traffic. Drivers wanting to turn onto Archer Road are mostly unaware of walkers and riders whether you use the north or south side of Archer.

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