Thursday, June 6, 2013

Archer Braid Trail and How To Support Grassroots Causes

If it seems to have become a constant topic here it's because the Archer Braid Trail is a significant step in a good direction. Much of the use of the Trail will be for recreation and that's a good thing. Our culture can use all the physical fitness options possible. The step that is most significant is the one that makes Archer more accessible to G'ville. It's not like dozens of people will suddenly give up their cars and begin commuting, but someone might. Or maybe a few will think about it. I am much more likely to visit Archer now than when having to contend with Archer Road was a significant deterent. I hear the Mexican Restaurant is worth visiting.

Monica's Cococastile Soap Basket Here's a picture of the donation that the people (it's a family affair) of Monica's Cococastile Soap made to the June 15 Event in Archer. In part it is to support the bicycling community and in part to remind all of us that we still have the Hawthorne Trail which passes not far from the world headquarter of Monica's Cococastile Soap. I'd say do them a favor and visit one of their internet presences, but it'd be more important to you to visit them to do yourself a favor and order their stuff.
The basket is handmade from recycled plastic grocery sacks and is filled with 5 bars of handmade soaps: Bay Rum (my favorite!); Lemongrass; Eucalyptus/Lavender/Tea Tree; Rosemary/Peppermint; and Lavender. As Monica says, they are "refreshing, especially after a great ride on the Archer Braid Trail!"

On facebook:

Their website:

I ordered three Messenger Mirrors (MMs) yesterday and asked Bruce Kremer, the designer, maker, marketer and sales person if he'd be willing to throw a couple additional MMs in the envelope so I could add them to the two I was going to give to the Event and thereby be able to say more glowing things about him and MMs. I missed the statement on the web page that orders placed between June 6 and 15 would not be handled until he got back from a trip. Oops!

This morning, I received a message from Bruce and a refund for the three MMs I'd ordered. He told me he was on a trip, but had two MMs he was sending to me and I could use them as donations. Then he thanked me for allowing him to be a part of the activities! Come on, Bruce!

I have used Messenger Mirrors for a couple of years after being dissatisfied with everything else. They are light, durable, adjustable and inexpensive. While traveling on South Carolina's narrows, shoulderless roads last August I was able to keep track of every potential vehicle set to run me off the road. (Actually, no one even came close there or in Georgia or North Carolina.) Messenger Mirrors do nothing more than work and you can't say better than that.

Bruce has a minimalist website, but, like his Mirrors, it does all it needs to do.

You can read a review dating to 2009:

And you can visit the website:

And read what I have already said about Messenger Mirror:

Thanks to Monica and Bruce for supporting and being a part of practical solutions to difficult problems. Maybe real soap and mirrors aren't THE solution, but they damn sure are not a part of the problem and it's much better than the smoke and mirrors used by politicos.

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