Thursday, June 13, 2013

Every Bit of Support Helps

Sometimes it's just a matter of telling people why riding is important for them to offer support and encouragement. Happens at the grocery store when I'm wheeling my Travoy through the aisles and someone inquires about it and I point out that not only is it convenient for shopping, but that its real purpose is to fasten behind my bike and take all those groceries home. Similarly, when I spoke to the CEO of the local YMCA today and told him of the ABT Grand Opening and asked if it'd be ok if people used the parking area at the Y's field on Archer Road near 91st. He wasn't aware of the event but was fully supportive of effort to promote more bicycling. He also gave permission to use the grassy parking area north of the athletic fields. Anyone choosing to park there should be respectful of the adjoining Celebration Methodist Church's parking. While it is common to see cars with bike racks parked in their large paved parking area, they have not given specific permission.

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