Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's Next for the Archer Braid Trail?

Now that part of the Archer Braid Trail (ABT) is a reality when will enterprising people take the next step in elevating G'ville (and environs) from bike friendly to bike embracing? How outrageous (and outstanding) would it be if a bicycle themed pub appeared in Haile Village?! Silly idea?

Gainesville was ranked #37 among "Bicycling Magazine's" Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities in America in their 2012 listing because of "a robust cycling culture . . . anchored by the University of Florida, daily group rides, and the 16-mile Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail" and "the Gainesville Cycling Club . . . an annual ultradistance brevets series." The League of American Bicyclists says that 5.25 percent of G'ville's residents commute by bike and awards it Silver status

Obviously, there is much more to riding in and around G'ville, including being a significant point on the transcontinental Southern Tier Route of the Adventure Cycling Organization. The growth of ABT will only serve to make riding more accessible to more people. This may be contrary to the desires of resident denizens of Haile, but could prove to be a boon to Haile Village, which is a truly delightful place to ride. The Saturday Farmers' Market is among my favorite places to go and spend money. Would I go to a bicycle themed eatery/watering hole? damn straight!

The OTB (Over the Bar) Bicycle Cafe has successfully satisfied the palate and thirst of riders in Pittsburgh for more than four years and is expanding to Pittsburgh's northside. The relationship between bicycles and carbohydrates is well known there. Just a thought.

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