Sunday, June 9, 2013

Some Changes Are Good

I don't know about you, or anyone else, but I am excited about the Archer Braid Trail's (ABT) official opening. After all the wrangling over its passage though Haile the amount of use the Archer segment is getting is pretty significant. Adding to the excitement is the level of acceptance from the elected officials in Archer. Still, it's the general acceptance of the Trail that is most significant; family's walking and riding is common. As noted previously, many people who used to ride into Archer daily are now using the Trail and thereby making their journey safer, more pleasant and swifter.

If you ride a bike and are not going to be in Archer on Saturday (June 15) at 10AM to offer your support and appreciation for ABT, shame on you.
County cleared fallen limbs and trees from ABT Congratulations and thanks to the County for the timely clearing of fallen limbs and trees from the Trail.

There's this house . . .
That House - Mid-May In early May you might have noticed the house near the Archer end of ABT.
By the end of May brush had been cut. That House - End of May
That House Now Now, after the effort of Alachua County Inmates the house is fully visible.
Surely there's a purpose for the County to have cleared the brush. Anyone know why?

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