Sunday, June 16, 2013

Archer Braid Trail, Grand Opening, June 15, 2013

The Archer Braid Trail Grand Opening happened and it was probably exactly the kind of event it should have been. It was like a carnival, but where all the games were rigged so everybody won something. Ultimately, it was about families and kids and the common folk of Archer who'd be the most frequent and daily users of the first mile and a half.

There were speakers who kept their comments brief and relevant. And there was music, at least until the raffle started. There wasn't any money needed for the raffle. If you were there you could have a ticket. The number of generous donations was staggering; bikes and lights and locks to tune-ups and and flat repairs kits and soap. And there were the helmets. More than a hundred helmets were fitted and given to anyone who took the time to stand in line to get one. Adults waited patiently and without complaint as kids moved to the head of the line then smiled just as broadly when their turn came and they received their spiffy new bicycle helmet

Lots of riders came to the event and stood out in their bright garb, but the Grand Opening was much more about the basic, grassroots appeal of bicycles and Archer was probably the perfect place for it to happen.

ABT, ThenIt took a good imagination to see what the Trailhead would become.
Archer Braid Trail, Grand OpeningGrass and asphalt and people at the completed Trailhead.
The Gainesville Cycling Club setting up for the day's eventsThe Gainesville Cycling Club was at the center of making the event work.
Chain Reaction Bike Shop, Santa Fe, Chamber of Commerce, Alachua County Sheriff's Department and others came to share.Chain Reaction Bike Shop, Santa Fe College, Chamber of Commerce and the Alachua Sheriff's department werre on hand to share information and join the fun.
Helmets in all sizes!Can you say Helmets?
Fitting a helmet is serious businessReceiving your first helmet, having it fit properly AND remaining stylishly coordinated is serious stuff!
And then there were the numbers to be called"Number 42056!" "Number 42038!" "Number 42089!" No matter how long it takes and no matter how tedious it becomes, giving things away just feels good.
And it was about the bikes and the kids and people being glad to share a morning in the sun.
It's cool and I have a helmet, too!It's all black and cool AND I have a helmet!
Bikes in all shapes, sizes and purposes.It goes wherever I want it to go.
Define cool again.Sometimes, "cool" is a state of mind.
Sometimes "cool" is your state of mindSometimes "cool" is your state of mind.
Style mattersThere's this thing known as style.
Bikes are about peopleBikes come in all sizes and are fit for fun for everyone.
Cute works, too.Care to define "cute"?
A winner in every way.She came to the Grand Opening and went home with a spiffy Schwinn, a new helmet and a big grin.
Getting a good start.Getting a good start on a lifelong activity.
Bike Trails can accomodate more than bikesPleanty of room for skaters, too.

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